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TrainerSkills is a mod that saves the skillframe from trainers so you can bring it up from anywhere in the world. It even turn skills green when you can learn them.
It starts out empty so you have to visit your trainers before you see annything in this mod.
It also saves your filtersettings at the trainers so you only have to set it once. See the screenshots.

- When you can learn new skills there will be shown a notification in the chat about what you can learn.
- Saves your filtersettings at the trainer and uses it as default.
- Shows the locations of your trainers in tooltips.
- You can also see what skills your other characters have and can learn.
- Besides all that the TrainerSkills frame will work and act just like the frame that is shown at the trainers.

Click the icon by the minimap or in titanpanel or type /ts or /trainerSkills or make a keybinding to bring up the frame.
/ts help will show a list of slashcommands.

Optional dependancies:

  • Titan Panel. TS can show an icon on titanpanel that gives somes info on mouse over and opens TS when clicked.
  • Reagent Data. Will show reagents needed primarily for tradeskills.
  • myAddOns.


  • 12.02.2006 Changes in version 2.1.5
    • If you visit one of the first class- or pettrainers with a shortened list of skills and later visit another trainer with a more complete list, the first one with be overwrited (works slightly differently behind the scene though so your other chatacters dont lose trainers)
    • Spanish translation made by Fili from spinebreaker / Escudo in Dentarg. If you want to use this you have to delete the localization.lua file and rename the localization.lua.spanish to localization.lua
  • 05.02.2006 Changes in version 2.1.4
    • Minor changes to make it compatible with DemonTrainerFrame
  • 31.01.2006 Changes in version 2.1.3
    • Added a delete button to delete unwanted characters.
    • Revisited the character deletion function so it deletes unused trainers from the trainers table (new datastructure introduced in version 2.1)
    • Added a check to make sure the two tables is in sync. Deletes data from the character if the coresponding trainer is missing in the trainer types table.
  • 29.01.2006 Changes in version 2.1.2
    • Remember to backup your savedVar if you update from version 2.0.8 or earlier.
    • Fixed the line 659 bug
    • Fixed the wird graphics glitch
  • 15.10.2005 Changes in version 2.1.1 Beta
    • The requirements sring got shy but i gave it a peptalk and now its working again :)
    • Fixed the bug with numbers going crazy in the convertion. It would show a lot of numbers on some trainers in the trainerDropDown.
    • Added "(Right)" to the name of TrainerSkills in the Titan Panel so it now says "TrainerSkills (Right)" (or Recht/Droit).
    • Trainers with no skills is no longer saved (some weapon masters is "empty" depending on you class).
    • "empty" trainers is removed in the convertion process.
    • Note: 2.1.0 users should revert to your backup of the savedVar from before beta before you use this version.
  • See the changes file inside the archives for a compleate history


12.02.2006 TrainerSkills v 2.1.5 (zip)

05.02.2006 TrainerSkills v 2.1.4 (zip)

31.01.2006 TrainerSkills v 2.1.3 (zip)

29.01.2006 TrainerSkills v 2.1.2 (zip)

15.10.2005 TrainerSkills v 2.1.1beta (zip)

27.09.2005 TrainerSkills v 2.0.8 (zip)

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