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DemonTrainerFrame overwrites the normal merchant frame at the demon trainer and shows a trainer frame instead. See the screenshots.
It is compatible with the TrainerSkills mod too so if you have that installed the data will be saved like at a normal trainer too.

- Substitutes the merchant frame at a demon trainer with a trainer frame
- Got alle the features that the normal trainer frame has
- Compatible with TrainerSkills. TS will grab the data just like at a normal trainer.

It works automatically :)

Optional dependancies:

  • TrainerSkills.
  • myAddOns.


  • 02.03.2006 Changes in version 0.0.7
    • Quickfix to make it work with the new patch. Might not work correctly if you use mods that change the gameTooltip
  • 22.02.2006 Changes in version 0.0.6
    • Showing the correct tooltip in TrainerSkills
    • Updating data in TrainerSkills when you buy grimories
    • Only saving tooltips if it has not been disabled in TrainerSkills
  • 18.02.2006 Changes in version 0.0.5
    • Fixed a bug that caused DTF to show at empty merchants
    • Hopefully fixed the UseContainerItem bug
    • Greying out the grimories that you own in bookform (that is when you buy grimories or have any in your inventory when you speak with the demon trainer)
  • 12.02.2006 changes in version 0.0.4
    • Fixed an issue with the safebuy function.
    • Improved stability. If the data send by the server is incomplete, the mod requests them again a second later.
    • Now sorting by level requirement
  • 07.02.2006 changes in version 0.0.3
    • German translation by Veithflo and NewRaven
    • Fixed a lot of stuff to make it compatible with other clients/languages
    • Buy button is now gryed for skills you already have or cant use yet. This safeguard can be toggle off and on by /dtf buy
    • The tooltip is showing the right skill again.
    • If you rightclick something in your inventory while the demonTrainerFrame is open you'll get a message that this function is disabled while the mod is open. This is to prevent you from accidentally selling stuff to the trainer.

  • 06.02.2006 changes in version 0.0.2
    • The mod now buys the selected grimoire. - Really sorry about that bug :(
    • Fixed an issue with the collapse all button.
    • Now using internal tooltip to grab info from. This should make this mod compatible with other mods that change the game tool tip. People who tried this mod before and got wird data in the mod should try this version. Please type /dtf reset after installation to reset some saved data in the mod that is used when grabbing (this will not delete the saved petInfo).
  • 05.02.2006 Changes in version 0.0.1
    • First Release.


02.03.2006 DemonTrainerFrame_v0.0.7 (zip)

22.02.2006 DemonTrainerFrame_v0.0.6 (zip)

18.02.2006 DemonTrainerFrame_v0.0.5 (zip)

12.02.2006 DemonTrainerFrame_v0.0.4 (zip)

06.02.2006 DemonTrainerFrame_v0.0.3 (zip)

06.02.2006 DemonTrainerFrame_v0.0.2 (zip)

05.02.2006 DemonTrainerFrame_v0.0.1 (zip)

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