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Cancelled my wow account since i wont have time enugh to program on the mods in the near future. I didn't program on the mods the last moth either so i havent used any money from the paypal account for that month.

DemonTrainerFrame is now released!

I am now working on grabbing info from the demon trainer. It seams to be possible :)
I'll probably make another addOn first that will show a normal trainer frame at the demon trainer instead of a merchant frame.
It will take a couble more days before anything is ready for release though.

Got my first donation today and its enugh to open to account so i'll start working right away :D
It will go on the donationslist as soon as i know weather the person wants to be anonymous or not.

A lot of people have contacted me about this mod lately. When i left WoW i hoped someone else would take over but apparently that didnt happen. I feel kinda bad to have abandonned this projekt so now i am willing to start working on it again if i can collect enugh money to reopen my WoW account. I have made a paypal account through wich i can accept donations, so if you like this mod and want me to continue my work on it please consider making a small donation so i can open my WoW account and start working on it again.

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